The Story Behind Our Story

“This is a story of practicality meeting social purpose. Form meeting function. Utility meeting comfort. It’s pretty simple. Life needs compartments. We stow.”


It’s pretty simple. We’re guys. Now let’s be honest. We lose things. We drop things. We don’t have purses (thankfully) so we have to stow our things in pockets. It was with this simple fact that the idea for Underzips was born. I’m that guy. My friends are those guys. After seeing numerous dropped phones, lost wallets and car keys at concerts and sporting events across the country, I decided that there must be a better way to keep our guy things safe.

When not out and about, I live in my boxers. They are the ultimate comfort clothes. When thinking about the design for Underzips, it wasn’t enough to design the functionality of a hidden zipper pocket, I wanted to make sure that they were built for comfort and performance. Soft fabric that doesn’t grab, a comfortable waistband and legs. But most importantly, deep pockets that would hold all of my stuff, safely positioned comfortably to the side, where pockets should sit. Let’s face it, who wants a pocket in the front - ouch!

After testing different fabrics and designs, I finally landed on the perfect fit with perfect functionality. The Underzips prototypes underwent rigorous in the field testing - at concerts, bike trips and journeys to parks and on vacation. The verdict - they are amazing!

So that’s our story. But it’s just the beginning. Our team of passionate and inspired people at Underzips hope you love your pair of boxers as much as we have loved creating them. We know life is an adventure and we’re right there with you. You go. We stow. See you out in the world.

Michael Watkins