Christian Patterson

Rick Davis

The Underzips are amazing! They’re comfortable, breathable, and perfect for exercise with the added zipper pocket. Definitely willing to wear more!”

I bought a pair for my 24 year old son. He puts his drivers license, credit card, money and car key in the zippered pockets. He likes that when he goes out with friends he is not sitting on a billfold or subject to pick pocket. The zippers are discrete and easily accessible.

Jason Messing

My wife bought a pair for me to take on a trip overseas - where pickpocketing is a big deal. I used them so much, I wish I had bought more pairs. My wife even asked to use them one day. In addition to the security, they prevented chafing with more than 10 miles of walking each day and they were more comfortable than any other pair I own. I highly recommend! Great idea boys!

Thomas Eubanks

Great product, soft and comfortable. A little more than I would have normally spent on a pair of boxer briefs, but I love the zipper pockets and the Red white and blue design. It was a great treat for myself.

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